ACL Industrial Flooring recently carried out a small vinyl replacement using a resin flooring screed system in a bakery floor in Blackburn. The area of vinyl had failed due to water ingress through damaged seams and other cracked areas of the floor covering, this had subsequently caused lifting and failure of the surface.

ACL Industrial Flooring where contracted to remove the damage section of vinyl flooring and replace it with a more durable option within a 30 hour window. The resin floor screed chosen for this bakery floor installation was ACL-Screed FS, a food safe polyurethane resin flooring system that can handle heavy traffic and high temperatures. The damaged and failed vinyl was removed to reveal a soaked concrete slab. The surface was then dried out before being prepared by dust controlled grinding and rebated as required. ACL-Screed FS food safe resin floor screed was mixed and applied directly onto the prepared concrete surface to ensure a solid bond. After the screed had cured ACL-Expand resin mastic joint was applied between the new resin floor screed and the remaining vinyl. The whole project was completed and cured within the 30 hour window. This enabled the bakery to have no delays in serving there wholesale and retail customer base.

Bakeries are harsh environments for flooring surfaces so its ideal to have an impervious,hard wearing, slip reducing surface that can deal with hot trollies being placed upon them. ACL-Screed-FS is the ideal resin flooring product for bakeries as it meets all those requirements.

ACL Industrial Flooring install resin floor solutions for bakery and other food related sectors throughout Blackburn,North West and beyond. Providing installations in bakery product and storage areas using food safe resin floor screed and other resin flooring to provide safe easy to clean slip resistant surfaces. Contact us for your free quotation.