Brewery Resin flooring solutions provided by ACL Industrial Flooring

The brewing industry is one of the most demanding industry for flooring surfaces, as such brewery flooring installation need to have a range of brewery industry specific flooring characteristics to stand up to the daily demands.

Brewery flooring has to be able to with stand large abrasion and heavy loads due to barrel rolls and other cask movements along with impact from pipe work being dropped on the resin brew floor.

Brewery flooring needs to be chemical resistant because of the regular clean down of pipes and vessels. As brewery floors are very often wet slip resistant is a must to maintain employee safety. It is essential that brewery floors are easily cleaned to prevent bacteria growth and if required brewery flooring should be able to withstand steam cleaning. ACL Industrial Flooring brewery specific flooring solution ACL Brew-screed caters for the demands required of brewery flooring.

The benefits of Brew-screed polyurethane

ACL Brew-screed polyurethane brewery floor screed is ideal flooring solution for brewery flooring installations at it provides a hard wearing and abrasion resistant.

Safety underfoot is provided in the wet or the dry due to the natural textured surface of the polyurethane brewery flooring screed.

As the floor screed easy to cleaning as both are when laid at 9mm the resin brewery floor finish can be steam cleaned surface.

ACL Brew-screed polyurethane brewery floor screed can be laid to falls and gives a seamless surface.

ACL Industrial Flooring have carried out installations of ACL Brew-screed polyurethane brewery floor screed for large multinational brewers and start up microbrewery. Contact ACL Industrial Flooring for your new or repairs to your existing brewery floor surface.