Decorative flake resin flooring, also known as decorative chip resin flooring is a process of using blended flakes or chips to make a decorative resin floor.

The process involves the blended flakes being broadcast on to the wet epoxy resin before being sealed over with clear sealers.

There are many standard blended ranges available to choose from; There is also the ability to custom create your own bespoke flake design to full match company or design requirements.

Due to the properties of the resin build up system employed for the decorative resin flake flooring we are able to make this floor suitable for most types of domestic and commercial installations. Allowing installations in clean rooms, class rooms, reception areas, hospitals kitchens and other areas where a decorative attractive seamless floor system is require.

Epoxy resin decorative flake industrial and commercial flooring are hardwearing decorative resin floor that’s are normally epoxy or MMA resin based.

Each product acts as a suitable binder for the flakes; the suitable product is selected depending on times scales of installing the resin flake finish and the environment it’s going into.

Resin flake flooring is suitable for most environments which require a decorative easy to clean, seamless surface such as supermarkets, reception areas retails stores, classrooms, toilets and kitchens clean rooms or others areas where a durable easy to clean yet aesthetically pleasing floor finish is required. Epoxy resin flake floors are often used where people like the look of a terrazzo resin floor but don’t have the time substraight or finances to install a resin terrazzo floor.

ACL Industrial Flooring are based in Chorley and carry out resin flake flooring and refurbishment of resin flake flooring along with other works using resin flooring throughout the Northwest. Contact ACL Industrial Flooring to receive a free site survey for your refurbishment of your resin flake flooring.