Resin driveways are attractive, hard wearing solutions for domestic and commercials driveway, parking areas and foot paths.

Resin driveways have the benefit of looking like natural stone and gravel without the loose and runaway stones you get of traditional gravel driveways. Resin driveways are available in two main types. Resin bound stone or stone carpet and resin bonded stone.

Resin bonded stone, resin driveways are very textured and grippy aggregated surfaces.

The process consist of after preparation and any repairs are carried out a resin binder is applied to the surface of the existing concrete. Whilst wet the chosen decorative aggregate is then applied directly onto the surface of the resin binder. Once cured the unbounded aggregates are swept off. This resin driveway system is not SUDS compliant.

Resin bound stone, resin driveways are a smoother in appearance than the resin bonded system and are laid thicker.

More decorative options are available with the trowelled resin bound resin driveway system. Resin bound stone, resin driveway finishes can be bespoke enabling different designs to be included along with blends. Although as the name suggests the use of natural stone is used increasingly accents of other materials are used within resin driveway designs such as decorative pigment glass to really help stand out bespoke design elements. This resin driveway system is SUDS compliant.

This a decorative hard wearing surface suitable for commercial, industrial and residential environments. Stone carpet, resin bound stone surfaces are very hard wearing because of the use of natural decorative stones and aggregates.

What is SUDS. A ‘SUDS’ (Sustainable urban drainage system) compliant surface is any surface in which water is allowed to drain through to natural ground or directed directly into a installed soak-away or swale. The purpose of this is to allow rain water to be drip-fed into the drainage and sewage systems as appose to flowing directly into them and over burdening the drainage networks in periods of heavy rainfall.

A porous surface is one which allows water to pass through it and this is usually then fed to natural ground or drained into a suitable infiltration system. When installed in this manner a porous surface is SUDS compliant and as such, when used as part of a SUDS complaint installation.

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