ACL Industrial Flooring were called on to carry out specialist industrial resin flooring works in a helicopter maintenance hangar. The existing concrete surface was damaged and pitted with years of oil contamination. The client needed a resin floor solution that would could cope with the traffic of moving the aircraft into the working area along with machinery movement on trollies and the oils and lubricants used during the general maintenance and overhauling of these military helicopters.

The installation solution carried out by ACL Industrial Flooring was to fully prepare to the existing old concrete floor by dust controlled shot blasting and diamond grinding the hard to reach sections and around the perimeter edges. The floor preparation provided a clean open concrete surface to give the perfect surface to apply the resin floor coating to.

We first carried out repairs to the prepared hanger floor using a combination of two pack and three pack resin repair mortars, this was done to fill holes and smooth of badly pitted sections of concrete, all the repairs where then ground smooth.

The aircraft hangar floor was then coated with two coats of high build skydrol resistant epoxy floor coating. We made sure that as requested by the client no coatings went over any joints as they must remain clean and resin free. For this project contrasting colours were used to highlight the helicopter working bays areas from the main movement and walkway area.

A slip reducing aggregate incorporated in the hangar resin floor surface was there to help maintain good traction under foot. Demarcation lines were added between all sections to further highlight the areas along with step edges and fire safety points. Finally a centre line was added to assist the crew when bringing in the helicopters.

The project was completed ahead of time allowing the Navy to use the hangar floor ahead of time.