Floors operating within the food processing, food manufacturing and catering areas must always be in a good condition have the ability to be maintained easily along with having a good serviceable lifespan. Hygienic Resin Floors are the perfect solution.

It’s important that these food safe resin flooring are hard wearing, easy to clean, slip resistant along with If required having steam cleanable and impact resistance properties.

Polyurethane screeds are hygienic flooring systems which are food safe and non-taint along with being easy to maintain make them the perfect choice for most food industry applications.

Polyurethane floor screeds and other resin flooring are the perfect hygienic flooring choice as they have many benefits over traditional tiled floors or sheet vinyl. Through the installation process to install hygienic resin flooring it is an integral seamless part of the floor. Unlike vinyl floors that have welded seams that split and tear causing failure to the floor surface and tiles that crack lift and have grouting problems resulting in both these floors allowing bacteria, contamination and failure. Hygienic resin flooring doesn’t have these issues, resulting in a long term solution for food areas.

Hygienic resin flooring is suitable for all food industry floors such as bakeries, brewery’s, meat processing area, abattoirs, kitchens and all other areas requiring a food and employee safe resin floor.

Based in the North West, ACL Industrial Flooring provides expert hygienic resin flooring and repairs to existing hygienic industrial floors. As a commercial and Industrial Resin Flooring contractor, we can repair and resurface your existing hygienic resin surface providing a safe, hard wearing surface.

ACL Industrial Flooring are based in the Chorley and carry out installation of hygienic resin flooring and other types of industrial resin flooring throughout the North West including but not exclusively to Bolton, Blackburn, Blackpool, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Wigan, St. Helens, Warrington, along with area so throughout Cheshire, Yorkshire. Contact us for a free survey and quotation.