MMA rapid curing resins are sometimes referred to as Degafloor. MMA resins have the ability to cure in a shorter period of time compared to standard epoxy and other type of resin flooring.

MMA resin flooring with its benefit of shorter cure time makes it sometimes ideal for industrial flooring, commercial flooring and domestic flooring installations were you would be able to carry a whole project consisting of multiple layers or coats in a day or a night shift. Something usually unheard of with traditional epoxy resin flooring.

MMA resin floor can also be used to form decorative finishes incorporating coloured flakes, quartz or other decorative items.

MMA resin flooring is very hard wearing and more scratch and UV resistant than some other types of resin flooring.

MMA flooring is often know by the brand name of Degafloor.

Degafloor MMA resins are similar to other MMA fast cure resins in that they cure within a two hour window can be decorative and very slip resistant if required.

ACL Industrial Flooring are based in the North West but carry out installation or fast cure MMA resin floor coatings and screed along with other types of epoxy industrial resin flooring throughout the UK. Contact ACL Industrial Flooring to receive a free site survey for your new or refurbishment of your existing fast cure MMA resin flooring.