Polished concrete surfaces have become very popular for commercial and domestic areas.

We have the ability to use a good existing floor and turn it into something beautiful, hard wearing and shiny. Something that architect, designers and clients really see the benefit of.

The process of polishing concrete involves initially using coarse diamonds on a multi head grinding machine to expose the aggregate followed by progressively finer diamonds to achieve the required polished finish.

By utilising new or old concrete we can transform your floor from a dull matt finish to a bright polished finish without the need for covering with a separate floor finish. As a final finish a stain resistant penetrative seal coat can be added to ensure the concrete is protected from staining. This type of floor can be used in retail stores, warehouses and dry production areas.

Polished Concrete Toppings

Cement toppings or levelling screeds are normally applied to existing concrete or traditional screed floors which require levelling due to deterioration of the slab or screed prior to applying the required floor finish. Over recent years levelling screeds have been developed to offer two purposes to customers. The first purpose is to obtain a smooth levelled surface and the second is to achieve a polished finish. There is no requirement for further epoxy toppings.

If you are looking for a polished concrete finish but your existing concrete floor is in poor condition applying a polished cement screed is an impressive alternative.

There are different colour options available and once polished, a protective seal coat is applied ensure your floor is protected from stains.

If your required look is more of a rustic finish, the screed can remain unpolished and a clear seal coat applied. Visually there will be trowel marks/sweeps that are present during the installation which are normally removed during polishing and the overall look is more natural. By removing the polishing process this would also reduce the overall cost per m2.