Packaging warehouse epoxy flooring.

When a local haulage and distribution company were looking for a resin floor suitable to store plastic food packaging they contacted ACL Industrial Flooring to provide a full one stop shop solution.

The existing warehouse floor was dirty, cracked and contaminated with sticky residues from previous works; The clients requirement was to provide a clean bright epoxy floor surface suitable to store food packaging, the warehouse epoxy floor would be subjected to regular fork lift traffic so it would need to be a hard wearing surface.

With this in mind ACL Industrial Flooring mechanically prepared the floor by dust controlled shotblasting; This cleaned the surface provided a good key for the epoxy resin to adhere to. To remove the sticky residue that was remaining on the floor these areas of the warehouse floor were mechanically prepared by diamond grinding to ensure good adhesion of the epoxy coating.

To repair the damaged areas the larger holes were filled with three pack epoxy repair mortar while the cracks were filled with twin pack thin set repair mortar. The whole warehouse floor was then sealed and coated with two coats of high build epoxy floor coating with an addition of skid reducing quartz bauxite in the area by the external doors. The whole project was completed ahead of time and within budget providing the client to move in ahead of schedule.