Warehouse floor painting and coating.

The choice to paint or apply a resin coating to a warehouse floor or not to coat warehouse floor is normally dependent upon the use of the warehouse. If food items or items that require a clean environment are stored within the warehouse then the floor is normally coated or sealed.

One of the other main reasons to paint warehouses or industrial units floor is to brighten up the unit to help secure a tenant and to increase rental income.

Warehouse and industrial unit floors are subject to forklift traffic, trolleys and pedestrian traffic so the floor coating need to be abrasion resistant, skid and slip resistant a long with being easy to clean.

The benefits of warehouse resin

Painting a warehouse floor with a warehouse resin floor coating provides a bright aesthetically pleasing finish that also provides an easy to clean surface. With a resin coated warehouse floor grip under foot and under truck can be increased. The ability to provide a non dusting warehouse floor by coating painting the surface helps to provide a clean healthy warehouse environment.

ACL Industrial Flooring choice for coating and painting a warehouse floor would be to use a 100% soils two part high build epoxy coating.

The high build epoxy coating we use are far superior to standard industrial floor paints. The high build coatings used for warehouse floors are many times thicker than standard industrial floor paints used for self installation warehouse floor coating projects as such they last many times longer.