With industrial flooring surfaces taking constant traffic and abuse there will be times when small cracks and damage start to appear.

If left untreated these damaged concrete and resin floor section can quickly deteriorate into larger cracks or holes which then turn into a more serious issue.

Wear and tear on industrial floor surfaces (without repair) will make the concrete and resin floor surfaces uneven, pitted, cracked with costly holes.

Using forklifts and other vehicles over damaged surfaces will be a costly practice the bumps and jolts on machinery while moving over these broken floor areas and replacement cost to wheels and other items.

To help prevent costs both to machinery and costs of potential claims for slips, trips and falls ACL Industrial Flooring can survey, put together a plan of action and carry out repairs to concrete floors, joints repairs and resin floor repairs using the most suitable products for your project.

ACL Industrial Flooring are based in the North West but carry out concrete repairs and refurbishment to damaged concrete floors along with other works using resin flooring throughout the UK. Contact ACL Industrial Flooring to receive a free site survey for your refurbishment of your damaged concrete flooring needing repairs.