Decorative quartz epoxy resin flooring is one of the decorative resin flooring types offed by ACL Industrial Flooring.

Quartz resin flooring is a decorative seamless flooring suitable for many commercial environments. The bright decorative quartz floors are available in three different types of application each suited for different environments.

Flow applied decorative quartz gives a smooth finish with fine aggregate aggregates. Suitable for cleanroom flooring, classrooms resin flooring and laboratory flooring area amongst other. As this surface is so smooth its ideal for dry areas.

Trowel applied decorative quartz resin floor screeds are suitable for dry, semi dry and wet areas. This decorative screed can be formed into a cove to enable a smooth transition between floors and walls allowing easier cleaning thus allowing a truly seamless environment. Often used in shower rooms, class rooms, kitchens, police custody suits, animal centres and prison cells this hard wearing decorative resin floor screed is a great all-rounder.

Scatter applied decorative quartz screed as ideal for wet and grease areas due to their very grippy surface.

Used often in kitchens and other wet areas this decorative quartz is great when wet and high levels of grip are needed.

ACL Industrial Flooring are based in the North West but carry out decorative quartz resin flooring and refurbishment of decorative quartz resin flooring along with other works using resin flooring throughout the UK. Contact ACL Industrial Flooring to receive a free site survey for your refurbishment of your decorative quartz resin flooring.