Automotive workshop epoxy resin flooring .

The automotive industry has come a long way from the oil soaked, sticky concrete garage workshop flooring, or the cracked and lifting tiled workshop floors, or even the failed flaking one pack unsuitable floor paint of the past. Organisations and owners of garage and workshops are wanting workshop garage floor surfaces that not only protect the structure of the building by providing protection against oils and, lubricants but also protects employees from slips and trips.

That’s why more and more garages are seeing the benefit of installing an epoxy resin floor system.

Vehicle workshop resin flooring provides a seamless hard wearing, easy clean, slip resistant surface. Seamless hard wearing garage workshop resin flooring provide all those benefits but also prove a bright more pleasant working environment while also showing to the customers that as you care about your surroundings, you will care for the needs.

The benefits of workshop resin floors

The two main products used for this environment are a high build epoxy system or a 3mm epoxy SL screed. Both provide a hard wearing and easy to clean surface that is also seamless and importantly mechanically bonded direct to you subfloor, providing with an attractive easy to maintain safe environment.

Latest Resin work from ACL

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