Traditionally resin floor screeds are often called epoxy screeds however this isn’t the only type of resin floor screed available.

A resin floor screed is a type of floor screed that binds together graded aggregates using a mixed epoxy or polyurethane resin to bind the aggregates together. Resin floor screeds are very hard wearing and as such suitable for food processing areas providing food safe floors, abattoir flooring providing slip resistant easy to clean surfaces and engineering resin screeds providing impact and cleanliness.

Resin floor screed are often either 2-4mm smooth level systems suitable for workshops, cleanroom environments, printers or anywhere were a smooth hard waring floor is required.

The other most popular floor screed is 6-9mm polyurethane resin flooring screed also known as a urethane cement or as Ucrete. These are often used in engineering or food processing environment where a heavy duty slip resistant surface is required. As these floors are a “one hit” application there is known requirement for sealing of painting them. Polyurethane resin screed can be steam cleaned when they have been applied at 9mm in thickness.

Resin floor screed are often know by the brand name of Ucrete. Ucrete resin floor screeds are similar to other resin floor screed in that they have similar properties appearance and temperature ranges of other polyurethane resin floor screeds.

Resin floor screeds can be decorative such as epoxy quartz screed, resin flake systems and epoxy resin terrazzo.

ACL Industrial Flooring are based in the North West but carry out installation or epoxy resin floor screeds and polyurethane resin floor screeds along with other types of epoxy industrial resin flooring throughout the UK. Contact ACL Industrial Flooring to receive a free site survey for your new resin floor screed or for repair or refurbishment of your existing resin floor screed.