Vehicle training workshop ACL Industrial Flooring were contacted by ProCo to ask for assistance in refurbishing the look and feel of their vehicle training workshop. ProCo are a non-profit North West training provider whose aim is to provide outstanding learning provision to young people and adults and deliver to them high quality learning programmes that meet the needs of the individual, as well as contributing to local economic growth and improving life chances.

The existing vehicle workshop surface was in a poor condition. The client had applied many layers of standard floor paint but informed me this was failing and flaking within a week or two. The workshop floor surface was safe but with the paint failing, oil had started to contaminate some areas of the slab. There existing choice of colour was cold and dark which didn’t help working under the cars or provide a pleasing working environment.

With the facilities needing the works carried out but within the budget they had for the works, ACL Industrial Flooring formulated a plan of works that would provide them with the clean, bright, safe solution they were after for their training vehicle workshop floors. A final three colours were chosen to highlight the tyre bay, workshop and walkways. ACL Industrial Flooring carried out preparation and repair works to the floor removing the existing painted surface.

This was done by grinding the surface with aggressive diamonds to remove the existing paint and surface contamination. Afterwards a final grind was carried out with a triple head planetary grinder to smooth and clean down the surface. After the floor surface had been swept and vacuumed clear of dust and residual debris, various repairs were carried out using three pack resin repair mortar screeds and two pack thin set filler.

The first coat of high build epoxy coatings was applied by squeegee and roller in the three different colours as selected by the client and left to cure. Final repairs were carried out then the final coat of high build epoxy was installed by squeegee and roller with the addition of an alox scatter to give the required grip underfoot. After the final coat had cured, demarcation lines were placed between the colours to fully highlight all areas.

As an added extra we installed some walking men signs to really bring everything together. All works were completed within time and budget. The final vehicle workshop floor installed by ACL Industrial Flooring has provided a clean, bright, safe environment for students and staff alike.

ACL Industrial Flooring carry out the installation of epoxy resin floor coating and screed to vehicle workshops and other environments throughout the North West and beyond. Contact us for your free no obligation quotation.

If you would like to know more about the work that ProCo do, please visit their website a free quotation for your resin floor surface contact ACL Industrial Flooring on 01772 381904